Once again, Scott Coker pulled a rabbit out of his hat and put on an MMA event that drew monster ratings for SpikeTV. This time around it was Kimbo Slice taking on old street rival Dada 5000, and though the fight itself was as awful as you thought it was going to be, right now there are some very happy executives at Viacom.

As per a press release:

Bellator 149 shattered viewership records for Bellator MMA, averaging 2 million viewers for the entire 3-hour fight card on Friday, February 19 (9:00-12:04am ET/PT), peaking with Kimbo Slice’s three-round brawl with Dada 5000 averaging 2.5 million viewers (11:16pm-11:30pm) and a 2.3 rating with Men 18-34. The main event featuring MMA legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock drew 2.4 million viewers (11:54pm-11:57pm).

Two and a half million viewers. That’s insane. You know what’s even more insane? We are most definitely going to be seeing Kimbo fight some more – regardless of the fact that he’s way past his prime and incapable of competing against a legitimate fighter.

So who should be next?

A fight against Tito Ortiz would do big numbers, but it’s hard to imagine Kimbo accepting that fight, as he’d get slaughtered.

Herschel Walker said he might have one more fight left in him – would he make a good opponent?

Post your suggestions in the comments. I guarantee that Coker and Viacom are considering every idea.