In just a few short hours, MMA legends Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie will collide in the main event of Bellator 149 live on Spike TV.

The bout marks a third meeting between the two, as the first went down years ago at UFC 1. Gracie won that contest, while the rematch ended in a time limit draw.

Before you see the action, though, head over to “The Players’ Tribune” and read a pair of articles written by Shamrock and Gracie discussing their roots and memories in MMA. Click here for the Shamrock piece, and here for the Gracie article.

Below are portions of the articles:

Royce Gracie on the rematch with Ken Shamrock tonight:

“I’ve always been at peace with that fact that I’m a superior fighter, but I guess he’s been losing sleep for the last 20 years. Maybe he still doesn’t understand how a skinny, 170-pound martial artist was able to take out a 210-pound fighter full of muscle. It’s been a while, so I suppose I’ll need to refresh his memory.”

Ken Shamrock on his first loss to Gracie and the rematch tonight:

“I tried to be gracious in defeat, but admittedly, I was sour about it. Royce would go on to win the tournament, and afterwards I told Bob Meyrowitz that I wanted a rematch. I got it, at UFC 5. It was officially called a draw, but everyone watching saw that I put a real beating on Royce. And I can’t wait for one more shot at him.”