Until very recently, Josh Koscheck was the epitome of UFC company man. After all, he was part of the original cast of the first season of TUF – which helped propel the sport into the mainstream –  and he’d remained with the organization for nearly a decade. But he’s since jumped ship to join Bellator, and it seems he was pretty unhappy with the UFC!

Here’s Jeremy Botter with the details:

“I knew that Coker was going to get back in the game at some point, and he was going to make it right for every fighter. I knew that was my plan for quite some time: to get rid of my UFC contract,” he says. “Even if I never fought again, I wanted out of my UFC contract. Even if I never stepped in the cage again, I wanted to fight out my contract and be done with them.”

Koscheck and White had a contentious relationship for much of his tenure in the UFC, mostly because Koscheck isn’t the kind of guy who allows himself to be pushed around. They played nice in public, but privately, Koscheck was subjected to the same angry phone calls others receive whenever they do or say something White considers out of line.

“If I were to say anything bad about Reebok, the first thing that would happen is I would get a phone call. ‘You f—–g piece of s–t, what the f–k are you doing? You’re talking s–t about Reebok. We’re gonna fire you.’ OK, fire me then,” Koscheck said. “I don’t have to worry about those things now. I’m not employed by them. I have no affiliation with them. I can say what the hell I want and have no repercussions.”

Well, an ex-employee talking bad about his former boss. Imagine that.