Earlier this week, I was able to spend a few minutes talking with former Bellator two-division champion Joe Warren.

Warren returns to the cage next Friday night at Bellator 151 in the main event against Darrion Caldwell. We’ll have more from Warren next week on CagedInsider.com, but I wanted to get his thoughts on tonight’s bantamweight championship match at Bellator 150.

The bout pits titleholder Marcos Galvao against former champion Eduardo Dantas. Warren has fought the two a combined three times, beating Galvao back in 2011 and Dantas in 2014. He dropped the title to Galvao last March.

“I am really bad at predictions,” Warren admitted to CagedInsider. “Those two have so much drama and history behind them that it’s a really hard fight to predict. When you add in emotion and history, you never know what will happen.”

Three years ago, Galvao knocked Dantas out to capture the Bellator belt. The two are former friends, but had a falling out. They were scheduled to face each other last year, but an injury scrapped the contest.

“This is a great fight,” Warren said. “Galvao is always up to the challenge, but we’ll have to see if Dantas even weighs in. With him, that is half the problem.

“If that does happen (and the fight goes down), I hope that Galvao gets the win.”

Warren will be one of the many who tune in to see all that takes place inside the Bellator cage, which is something he does whenever the promotion airs a card because “Friday night is Bellator’s night.”

“It will play itself out,” said Warren, who is expected to face the winner if he gets past Caldwell. “I kind of feel like that is still my belt and that it was taken away from me. I believe that’s my belt and I will have it again real soon.”

UPDATE: Since this interview was conducted, illness has forced Galvao out of the planned fight with Dantas. It is expected to be rescheduled for a later date.