Another serious injury for the MMA community. Shortly after the detached retina of Alan Belcher that may end a great fighters career, former  Bellator featherweight champion, Joe Soto now also has his career on the line. Likely in his title losing fight with Joe Warren, Soto suffered a detached retina which he has just underwent surgery for recently.

Following the knockout loss to Warren, Soto reported he started to develop black spots in his eyes. Smaller at first, but growing larger as the days went by, according to his manager, Tom Call. Luckily, his fight team’s doctor, Gary Furness, immediately pressed him to go see a specialist.

This morning, less than 24 hours later, Soto was rushed into surgery to repair a severely detached retina.

Doctors warned that Soto would likely have to sit on the sidelines for roughly a year after this initial surgery and then be faced with a follow-up procedure due to the severity of his injury. Following the second surgery, there is a window of recovery of about six months, then he’ll know whether or not he can continue fighting or not.

Source: MMAWeekly