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Bellator 198 is all about Fedor Emelianenko versus Frank Mir. Seriously. That’s the only reason to care about that event.

Of course, Bellator has to put other fighters on the card, otherwise it would be awkward stretching things out to accommodate just one fight over the course of a two-hour broadcast. So they put John Salter in against Rafael Lovato Jr.

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Unfortunately, the commission in Illinois negged Salter for medical reasons, and taking his place will be Gerald Harris.

If these names mean nothing to you… you’re right where you need to be in the world. BECAUSE WHO THE HELL ARE JOHN SALTER AND RAFAEL LOVATO JR. ANYWAY?

Salter had a brief run in the UFC, and lost two out of three bouts nearly eight years ago. Both Salter and Lovata Jr. have had a string of successes in Bellator since joining the organization, but they’ve been very much part of the “B” team in terms of prominence. There is literally no reason you or I should know these people. Yet they were inexplicably put in the co-main event slot of an event headlined by Fedor and Mir.

Here’s Salter posting to Instagram about him being pulled from the fight. Reading it makes me think of that old chestnut about trees falling in the woods and no one being around to hear it.