It was easy to think of Bellator as the number two MMA organization in the world when their fighters all wanted to one day make it into the UFC (thereby designating the UFC as the top promotion). But then fighters started leaving the UFC for Bellator, and now it’s all so confusing.

Case in point: Benson Henderson. He was the UFC’s lightweight champ for a while, and has long held a position as one of the division’s elite. And then he left the UFC! For Bellator! To put things into perspective, he just headlined a UFC event in November, and he willingly left the Octagon for the Bellator cage. Years ago that would’ve been unheard of, but now…

…Anyway, one of the best lightweights in the world is skipping the weight cut and fighting for the welterweight title at Bellator 153 on Friday, and his opponent is a very tough Andrey Koreshkov. Koreshkov can strike pretty well and grapple pretty decent, but the the most intriguing aspect of this matchup is that we’ll truly get to see how an elite UFC fighter does against an elite Bellator one.

Here’s a little promo vid Bellator has put out on Henderson.Watch and get excited for Friday.