Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than a blazing-hot wrestling prospect who totally screws the pooch when it comes to transitioning to mixed martial arts. It’s frustrating for the wrestling, because he’s already mastered on hell of a difficult combat sport, and getting punched in the face or dodging chokes shouldn’t be that hard. It’s frustrating for the promoters, who have often invested much in hyping this wrestler-turned-fighter. And it’s frustrating for the fans, because everyone loves a decorated wrestler.

When Aaron Pico got beaten ridiculously quickly at Bellator’s NYC show, there was nothing but frustration, everywhere you looked. Why? Because Pico was supposed to be the next big thing.

Thankfully, he got something of a “do over” at Bellator 183 this past weekend. Now, frustration is no longer the order of the day.