When the matchup was announced a while back, there was a modicum of outrage. Kimbo Slice, the famed Internet brawler-turned-MMA star, taking on some faux-street rival named Dada 5000 in one of Bellator 149’s marquee fights? What a freakshow!

But the UFC just made a big deal out of determining if a fighter with a pro record of 1-0 would be worthy of taking on a former professional record with no MMA bouts to his name, so yeah, here we are.

Anyway, Bellator 149 is coming at us on February 19, and to give us some insight on just who this Dada 5000 (real name: Dhafir Harris) cat is, they’ve made this nice in-depth video.

Apparently there are parts of Miami, F.L., that are unsavory, and that’s where Dada 5000 comes from. Or something like that. Just watch the video.