Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when Gegard Mousasi was a quiet, unassuming dude who seemed happy to let the spotlight shine on others.

But apparently, that time has long since passed.

On Friday, in the main event of Bellator 185, the UFC vet had a hell of a time fighting former Bellator champ Alexander Shlemenko, with Mousasi getting his eye shut early and struggling to survive throughout. But he pulled out the win via decision, and on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” today, he had a message for those who thought his performance was sub par.

“I have a pretty long one, they can all get in line and suck it.”

According to Mousasi, once his eye swelled up, the fight became “a blur” and he was put into survival mode for three rounds. He said his disorientation was strictly due to the injury and not a concussion, and that he was still feeling the effects of the contest over the weekend.

“I’m trying to survive, I cannot see anything,” Mousasi said of his encounter with Shlemenko. “Yesterday, I was walking in New York, I was stumbling. I couldn’t even walk. I fought three rounds. I don’t know what people are talking about. Maybe they should go instead and fight in the cage. They’re sitting behind the computer eating potatoes and they have all their opinions, but let them do that.”