It’s been well over a month now since Ben Askren finished out his Bellator contract, by mauling Andrey Koreshkov on July 31st, but it still remains to be seen what’s next for the promotion’s welterweight champ. Recently, a few heads were turned when not only did UFC boss man Dana White say he’s interested in talking to Askren, but Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney relayed they likely won’t resign the renowned wrestler.

So, despite the fact it’s been somewhat quiet on the Askren front, “Funky”recently told MMA that he’s not losing any sleep over the situation. After all, even though Askren has his fair share of critics, when you’re an undefeated fighter who could seriously test many elite welterweights, you’re going to find work somewhere. As the 29 year-old noted, however, he’s had a pretty interesting career regardless of what happens.

“I’m not really worried about my MMA career,” Askren said “I’ve had a great career so far, and we’ll see what happens going forward. It will probably get interesting from here.”

“If my career ended tomorrow because of an ACL injury or something, whatever, I’m fine,” Askren said, who also said he’d be fine running his wrestling academis. “From when I was a kid, I’ve accomplished more than any kid could dream of across wrestling and MMA. Between the two, I’ve dually accomplished more than almost anyone, ever, has done in both sports. So I’m perfectly happy with the way my career was gone.

And what about Rebney’s recent comments that he intends to waive the negotiating clause on Askren’s contract so he can talk to other suitors? Askren claims:

“I don’t know. I’m trying to read Bjorn. He said he’s going to let me go, but he didn’t waive the matching period, obviously. It’s like saying you’ll let your dog go, but you still have a leash on him. So, we’ll see. It’s going to get interesting.”

Askren also noted that he would love to fight for the UFC title, but if he ends up back with Bellator thanks to a lucrative contract: “that’s not really something to be salty about either.” That’s a good way of looking at it.

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