I love New York, I’m from New York, and no matter where I live, I always be a New Yorker. But the place can be rough – I was shot in the leg back in 1992 on the streets of Brooklyn, and millions have suffered worse. Take, for example, former Bellator champ Marcos Galvao.

He just had a big fight in Bellator, went on vacation, and came back to find out he’d been robbed. Yikes!

As per MMAFighting:

Marcos Galvao went to Brazil on vacation following his loss to Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 175, and had an unpleasant surprise when he flew back home to New York.

The former Bellator bantamweight champion returned to New York on Thursday morning following a 15-day trip to Brazil, and found out that someone invaded his home and stole the money he had saved from his most recent fights.

“My house is fine, they didn’t take the TV or anything like that,” Galvao told MMA Fighting, “but they took the money I had in the safe.”

The door is intact, Galvao says, and “the only person that has the key to my house is the owner, who lives downstairs. I have no suspects. It’s weird.”

“Man, I was saving that money for a longtime,” he continued. “I have to pay the income tax, and I don’t have it anymore.”