Welcome to fight alert. A new way of alerting the fans of this website to some of the higher profile fights that happen out of the UFC. The fighters in these fights will have the potential to be brought to the UFC fold sooner or later.

Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren (9-0-0) vs. Douglas Lima (21-4-0)

Ben Askren has been on a tear since coming into the fold of MMA. Going undefeated through his first 9 fights including top competition in Dan Hornbuckle, Lyman Good, Nick Thompson, and Extreme Couture standout Jay Hieron. Ben Askren is one of the best wrestler in the sports of MMA having went to the 2008 olympics and barely missing out on medaling. Do not think he only relies on his wrestling to wins fight as he currently holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu an is currently working on his striking at Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wi.

Douglas has also been on a tear going undefeated since mid-2009, and he has finished 6 of his 9 opponents in that span. He is a finisher having finished 18 out of his 21 wins, he has 11 submissions to his credit while also having a BJJ brown belt, and has been working diligently on his hands having 3 of his 7 career knockouts coming in his last four fights. This will be an interesting fight to see who will take a step closer to being the most relevant welterweight outside the UFC.

At a glance this fight looks like a classic striker versus grappler and it could turn out to be. Obviously, Lima has the advantage standing and will look for the knockout, but if Askren is able to impose his will and keep it on the ground he should win. Lima will need to have worked on his takedown defense tremendously to keep it standing and if not he will need to be able to work off his back for reversals and sweeps. Askren will need to be able to hold Lima down and keep himself out of trouble while keeping constant movement to avoid a standup.

Askren has stated his game plan as simply, “(I) got to stay in there tight with him. Don’t give him space. Take him down. Beat him up. Make him tired and do my thing.” Only time will tell if the champion is able to do so.

The Bottom Line: Ben Askren has the skills to win but not to finish. Douglas on the other hand only needs one shot to finish the fight. Eventually he will find it after a couple rough rounds finishing Askren late in the third.