It’s the year of the goat on the lunar calendar. But lately, a lot of fans are thinking about the “G.O.A.T.”: their pick for “Greatest Of All Time.”

Former PRIDE FC Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko is a popular choice among MMA older fans. The Russian enjoyed an almost ten year unbeaten streak — becoming the most dominant fighter of what some call the heyday of the sport.

Another popular choice is Anderson Silva, who won and defended the UFC middleweight title during an astounding sixteen bout unbeaten run. But the Brazilian cast a shadow over his past achievements recently, with a barrage of failed drug tests.

Recent improvements in testing protocol have caught more athletes than ever before. Some question if anyone was ever clean in the sport, especially in the rings of PRIDE FC where Fedor made his name — where athletes were all but encouraged to use.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan expressed that there was “a high possibility” that Fedor was using performance enhancing drugs in his fighting days.

In an interview published today by Jason Nawara of SI FanSided, Fedor responded to Rogan, and the situation with Silva.

“He likes to do PR scandals,” Fedor said of Rogan. “As always, I’m ready now to test and always will and always would’ve been clean.”

“It’s extremely upsetting that an athlete of that level actually turned to an aid from drugs to enhance his performance,” Fedor said of Silva. “It’s a slap in the face overall. A slap in the face to the sport and all the fighters in the sport… due to the use of steroids, he has this trademark, I feel, as someone who uses performance enhancing drugs to win.”

Fedor is currently doing promotional work with Bellator MMA.