Emmanuel Sanchez has carved out a decent career for himself in Bellator, racking up the wins and, most recently, tapping out former champ Daniel Straus.

Sam Sicilia did alright in his UFC run, earning a rep as a big slugger in TUF 15 and continuing that trend in the Octagon proper for as long as he could. But he’s in Bellator now, so the question of the day is: Can these Bellator-ites handle the heat Sicilia is slinging?

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True to form, Sicilia comes out swinging, with Sanchez quickly determining that he better switch to grappling mode ASAP lest Sicilia put him to sleep. They soon go to the ground, with Sanchez trying to roll into leglocks and heelhooks, and Sicilia feeding him leather in between efforts at disentangling.

In not time they work back up to their feet, and Sanchez tries to jump onto his foe and take his back. He’s unsuccessful at securing that position, but Sicilia leaves his arm out of position, so Sanchez locks on the standing head/arm choke. Sicilia tries to resist, they fall to the mat, Sanchez squeezes even tighter, and Sicilia taps out.

Not a bad win for Sanchez. Not bad at all.


Results: Emmanuel Sanchez def. Sam Sicilia via Submission (Head/Arm Choke) at 3:52, R1