The best lightweight that Bellator has to offer – Eddie Alvarez – may also be one of the best lightweights in the entire world. But we’ll never know for sure until he starts fighting the 155 pounders that comprise the UFC’s lightweight division. Of course, he likely never will unless he leaves the promotion he now calls home; however, if he ever were to leave, there’s one fighter on the UFC roster who might be first on Alvarez’s hit list: Gilbert Melendez. We know this because Alvarez had some venom to spew for the former Strikeforce champ.

Here’s what Alvarez told MMAFighting:

“Wherever Gilbert goes, he wants to be the top dog, which is to the same reason he’s avoided me and will for years to come,” Alvarez told “Gilbert had the opportunity in the Dream tournament, he didn’t. He had the opportunity to sign with Bellator, and go into a Bellator tournament, he didn’t. And now he had the opportunity to come to Bellator where I am. He doesn’t want to come where I am. He’s a phony. It’s a facade, it’s a mask, he says he wants to fight me, he doesn’t want to fight me.”

Given the contract issues Alvarez had with his Bellator masters, and the dance Melendez just did with Bellator before re-signing with the UFC, it will probably be a long time before a match-up between the two ever materializes. But you can’t say it wouldn’t be a great fight.

If they ever fought, who do you think takes it?