Eddie Alvarez isn’t going to sit idly by and wait for a decision on his contract dispute to conclude. He’s taking it into his own hands. Yesterday, the former Bellator lightweight champ used social media to deliver a very interesting message.

By way of his Twitter account, Alvarez posted two published letters from Bellator with details on the right-to-match clause in his contract. It’s pretty clear that the organization can match the UFC’s pay-per-view offer. However, the sketchy part comes when determining how many units each promotion would expect to sell and Bellator, knowing full well it can’t compete with the larger and more mainstream UFC, appears to be exploiting that gray area.

As you can see in the following tweet, Bellator issued two letters. One went to Alvarez and the other was sent to his management. Both letters appear to convey the same message; but, upon closer review, it’s very obvious that they are slightly different variations of one another.

Why an organization would see fit to send two different documents to an athlete and his management company is up for interpretation. It’s certainly not an uncommon practice. Moreover, it’s the signer’s sole responsibility to know exactly what he’s signing. However, it does intensify the heat Bellator has been receiving for it’s choice of peculiar business practices in negotiating fighter agreements.

This may or may not help Alavarez in his legal battle with Bellator but it will undoubtedly make fighters more weary when dealing with Bellator in the future. Don’t expect this episode to end anytime soon.

MiddleEasy.com offered a pretty effective, and very funny, analogy on the situation for better understanding.

Photo by Scott Petersen – MMA Weekly