Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of Bellator 198, which has Fedor Emelianenko and Frank Mir in the main event, plus Fedor Emelianenko and Frank Mir in the main event. (Sure, there are other fights with other fighters, but do you really care about those?)

For the sake of fair and balanced journalism, I will write about some of the bouts on the undercard – including the MMA debut of Conor McGregor’s pal, Dillon Danis.

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Danis is among the latest generation of jiu-jitsu guys who specialize in killer leglocks. And since he’s kind of a grappling-centric version of Artem Lobov, and likely wouldn’t even exist if not for his relationship with our favorite Irish felon, let us give him the attention he so desperately craves.

Bellator has wisely given Danis a total scrub for an opponent, with Kyle Walker playing the role of hapless grappling dummy just waiting to get murdered.

The first round opens with Danis taking the center of the cage and Walker scoffing at the weak single punches coming his way and firing back. Danis leans and steps back with each one, eats a couple of them, and gets a couple of half-assed takedown attempts stuffed. Uh, Walker, you know you’re supposed to lose, right?

Thankfully, Danis jumps to guard, does some wiggling and winds up latched onto Walker’s foot, and when he cranks a toe hold, the tap comes soon after. Congrats, Danis. Your friendship with McGregor will remain intact.


Results: Dillon Danis def. Kyle Walker via Submission (Toe Hold) at 1:38, R1