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Yeah, so remember that news story last week about Alexis Vila, the former Bellator contender arrested for murder? There are now some more details fleshing out the alleged crime.

Alexis Vila is no joke, y’all.

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It seems Vila and his pals conspired to wack some dude who was having an affair with Vila’s friend’s wife. And based on the affidavit, the victim met a pretty grisly end.

Here’s MMAFighting with the gnarly details:

Alexis Vila and Ariel Gandulla were allegedly involved in the kidnapping and murder of a man who was having an affair with Vila’s friend’s wife, per an affidavit obtained from the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office by MMA Fighting. Both Vila and Gandulla are being charged with second-degree murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping, per the affidavit.

Vila was arrested April 17. He is currently being held without bond and with a pending immigration hold at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, per online records. Vila’s arraignment is scheduled for May 10, according to a state attorney spokesperson.

Another man alleged to have participated in the plot, Roberto Isaac, was arrested April 11 and is being held at Metro West Detention Center in Miami, per online records. It’s unclear if Gandulla has been arrested. Request for comment from the Miami-Dade police was not returned Thursday.

Per a 17-page affidavit written by Miami-Dade police detective Christopher Villano, Gandulla and Isaac are believed to have kidnapped the victim, Camilo Salazar, on June 1, 2011 on the behalf of Manuel Marin and Vila. Salazar was having an affair with Marin’s wife, Jenny. Police believe, through cell phone site and vehicle technology records, that Marin later joined Gandulla and Isaac near the place where Salazar was seemingly killed.

Curiously, this all allegedly went down BEFORE Vila even fought in Bellator. Yikes.

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