Benson Henderson left the UFC a top-ranked dude, but has had a rough go of it in the Bellator cage, going 1-2. Admittedly, he’s faced the best Bellator has, which is a factor. Also a factor: his nagging knee injuries, which Bellator recently helped him take care of.

As per MMAJunkie, Henderson is pretty stoked with how Scott Coker’s organization has treated him.

“Bellator has full insurance the same as the UFC; it’s another great, top class organization,” Henderson said. “They flew me out to see a specialist in San Jose, and I told them I had to have it looked at. They results were what they were. It was five days or six days before Christmas. They took care of it, paid for my hotel. They took care of me about as good as you can.

“They took care of everything. On Christmas Day I went and had lunch with Scott Coker because I was stuck in San Jose. They flew out my wife and my son for the surgery also. They took us all out to go eat lunch together. That was super meaningful to me. Not just getting a free meal, but them spending their time on Christmas Day away from their families for me to go out and have lunch. To me that meant a lot. You can’t get your time back. Someone can buy you a free meal, but someone’s time on Christmas Day? Man, that showed me a lot about the organization and the character of Bellator and Scott Coker and those guys.”