Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 187 is going down in Dublin, Ireland right now, and though the event was a total throwaway – A.J. McKee and Brian Moore are the main event – UFC superstar just made the delayed broadcast on SpikeTV a must-see.

It seems our favorite Irishman went nuts when his teammates on the card won, and despite not being a licensed cornerman, McGregor jumped the cage and tackled his buddy Charlie Ward after Ward was victorious. Referee Marc Goddard wasn’t cool with that, and rightfully so, and McGregor wasn’t cool with Goddard not being cool with that, and so… mayhem.

To make matters worse, McGregor exited the cage then jumped on it from the other side, and when a Bellator employee tried to get him down, McGregor took a swing at him.

And here’s a post on Instagram showing McGregor atop the cage.