TUF pioneer and former UFC star Chris Leben was going to debut in Bellator, but last week he learned that his heart is on the verge of failure.

Yesterday he detailed a bit of his exact medical condition. Here’s MMAFighting with the scoop:

Heart failure is actually the condition. Basically, my heart is failing. It’s got dead tissue on it, it’s oversized. There’s plethora of reasons this can happen. It happens more commonly to athletes.

They’re not saying it’s linked to alcohol or anything like that, but my guess is I train my ass off when I’m in the gym. I never miss a day in the gym, but for a long time, I also took advantage of the night life as well. So, I’m kinda burning the candle from both ends for years. I think my heart just couldn’t take it.

Yeah, it’s a good idea if he avoids fighting. The last thing this sport needs is another death, and besides, Leben has done a lot to help bring MMA to where it is today. Dude needs to take care of himself.