Bubba Jenkins was supposed to be one of Bellator’s hottest prospects, but things didn’t quite work out that way. Obviously, we saw how things played out in the cage. However, there was a ton of stuff that went down behind the scenes, and the recently-cut fighter seems more than happy to dish some dirt on the Viacom-owned organization.

Here’s just a taste, courtesy of MMAJunkie. But by all means, read the rest.

Over the past three years, messages had trickled to Jenkins that Coker’s team didn’t like his wrestling-based style. Under the new management, which included matchmaker Rich Chou and Mike Kogan, he said, it seemed like he was always struggling to get someone on the phone.

Bellator told him to call out opponents and talk more smack when he got matched up. So he went after the now-deceased Jordan Parsons online, pushing aside his discomfort with the approach. He volunteered to take short-notice fights, once offering to take on now-former champ Pat Curran for the title on five days’ notice.

Nothing seemed to give him traction.

“I was doing those things, and I was started to feel like I was not only losing myself in the transformation of being entertaining for them, but as I was doing these things, I didn’t see that I was getting anywhere with them,” Jenkins told MMAjunkie one week prior to his release.