Brock Lesnar is again the center of rumors.

Only this time, it isn’t just random folks on Twitter.

Dave Meltzer has been reporting on the worlds of pro wrestling for 30 years, and Mixed Martial Arts since its modern inception more than 20 years ago.

In his latest newsletter, the journalist reported that the WWE star (and former UFC Heavyweight Champion) seems headed back to the MMA world. Meltzer notes that Lesnar’s contract expires in March 2015, and he isn’t being advertised among the company’s stars in upcoming events.

“The Lesnar people always keep things quiet,” Melzer writes. “But within the company, the belief is that he’s going back to UFC, and his showing up lighter to TV last week confirmed that to people who thought it.”

This report follows the UFC’s recent signing of another WWE star, which Meltzer also finds significant: “If it wasn’t for (CM) Punk, this would be a big deal, but with Punk, it’s a much bigger deal because the last thing WWE wants is this perception that UFC has just grabbed two of the company’s biggest stars. Lesnar is back on the 12/29 Raw in Washington, DC.”

Yesterday, Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting reported that Bellator MMA President Scott Coker has reached out to Lesnar as well.

Coker had boasted earlier this month that “there’s not going to be a fighter on this planet we won’t have be able to afford or access to.”

“When the time comes to have serious dialogue,” Coker says, “We’ll be right there.”