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Time to take out your gigantic grain of salt.

Pro boxer Paulie Malignaggi was brought out to spar with Conor McGregor for the Irish superstar’s upcoming boxing superfight with Floyd Mayweather, and apparently things didn’t go so well. Now, Malignaggi is all about soaking up as much interview time as he can, and to do so, he’s totally fine with dishing on what the brief gig as sparring partner was like.

Maybe what Malignaggi says is true, maybe it isn’t. Who knows, and who cares. We’re all going to watch Mayweather versus McGregor regardless.

Anyway, here’s MMAFighting:

When the former two-time champion arrived at the gym the next day there was an audience there to watch the session, which made him feel like McGregor wanted to put on a show against him.

“I get to the gym the next day and he has all kinds of dignitaries there,” Malignaggi said. “He’s got Lorenzo Fertitta there, he’s got Dana White there, he’s got his agent there (Audie Attar), he’s got a couple of other people I don’t know there.

“Another thing checked off in my mind because usually sparring is so private I couldn’t even bring in a trainer for my corner. I’d just have his sparring partners work my corner,” he explained.

“It was so private that you had to leave your phone in a box so nobody could sneak pictures or record. It was so tight, yet he had some dignitaries come in on this day.

“Again, I was thinking to myself, this guy is going to try and stop me tonight. He’s banking on catching a guy that could barely go eight, and had a tough time doing the eight the first time. He’s brought in all these dignitaries because they can speak about how great he looks at my expense.

“I was angry, but I knew that I came ready this time.”

There’s a lot more to the interview. I recommend following the link and checking it out.