Imagine generating a character for an MMA video game and putting all your attribute points on striking and nothing else. Then imagine playing that character by simply mashing the buttons. That’s pretty much Melvin Manhoef in a nutshell, and since he’s headlining tonight’s Bellator 125 on SpikeTV opposite Doug Marshall – another striker who throws with reckless abandon – there is a high probability that you will witness someone getting their head lopped cleanly off in the cage.

Before we get to the preview videos of Manhoef in action, here are some caveats on the dude:

  • He sucks at grappling. So what. Deal with it.
  • He’s on the tail-end of his career.
  • He’s a middleweight, and yet he once KO’d Mark Hunt in a fight. Yeah, sometimes button-mashing pays off.

Now the videos!