Benson Henderson, the top-level UFC fighter and former champ who fled the Octagon for the greener pastures of Bellator, got his ass thoroughly kicked last night at Bellator 153. But it’s all good.

Seriously, Henderson getting smashed like he did doesn’t mean he sucks, the UFC sucks or anything like that. He moved up a weight class to face the best welterweight Bellator has to offer – there’s no shame in losing like he did to Andrey Koreshkov. If Bendo stays at welterweight, the fights can only get easier; if he moved down a weight class, no opponent would have a size advantage, and he’d slay all comers. In video game parlance, Henderson literally took on the “final boss” in his first fight… now he gets to go back to earlier in the game and beat the lesser bosses.

He’ll have no problem doing that.