If you caught Bellator 97 on Wednesday, then you witnessed Ben Askren give Andrey Koreshkov a near 20 minute long beating, before he stopped the noted striker to retain his welterweight crown. If you’re into statistics, and you know, proving an argument, you may be interested to hear that Askren outstruck Koreshkov by a 248 to 3 to margin. Once again, by a 248 to 3 margin…If that’s the new bar for the term “one sided” then look out.

While Askren has drawn relentless criticism over the years, due to his grinding and stifling style, the renowned wrestler has now recorded back-to-back stoppage wins to extend his record to 12-0. Despite the finishes, the outspoken fighter still has his share of detractors, which apparently suits  Askren just fine. While speaking to Bleacher Report about his latest win, the 29 year-old had this to say about the persona he maintains.

“You’re either the heel or the face right? For me it’s really easy to be the heel. Just like some stupid people think WWE is real, some people think that the persona I play is real as well and it’s easy enough to trick them. They love you or they hate you, but either way as long as they’re not neutral about you, they’ll turn your fight on. There’s a lot of people that tuned into Spike tonight to see me get knocked out.”

“The likelihood of that happening was about one percent, but there was still that chance they could have seen that happen.”

One percent huh? After seeing the fight it’s kind of hard to argue with that. The aforementioned report also revealed that Askren has possibly completed his contract with Bellator, and although the champion will likely resign with the promotion, he was asked about his UFC counterpart Georges St. Pierre.  So how does “Funky” see a fight between himself and GSP going down?

“I think it would be a little more difficult,” Askren said, “but something like (the Koreshkov fight).”

Now is that Askren just stirring the old pot? Or does he really believe it?

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