By all accounts, Bellator President Scott Coker enjoyed a good working relationship with Fedor Emelianenko.

The Russian legend was a star in the Strikeforce promotion which Coker founded, and has made special appearances for Bellator since his 2012 retirement.

But Fedor, who recently announced his return to the sport, isn’t on Coker’s radar as a promoter — at least, not yet.

“We’ve had conversations, but not about fighting,” he explained to MMA Junkie. “Fedor is a great legend. He’s on the Mount Rushmore of MMA, him & Royce, Tito, and all.”

From Coker’s perspective, it’s a case of “been there, done that.”

“I felt like we’ve done it already,” he says. “Look, we have a great roster; we’ve got a great thing going. When he comes back to the market, he’s going to come back in for 3-4 years. He’s not coming back for one fight. And he’s coming back for sure. If he’s close to signing with the UFC, I hear rumors… but I haven’t asked him.”

He says he could be open to promoting Fedor at a later date, though.

“Let’s let him come back and see how it works out for him,” Coker says. “Maybe we’ll have him fight a couple years down the line. Or next year, whatever. The door is open. But Bellator is on a bit of a roll here. We’re going to sit back and see what happens.”