After the first two title fights at Bellator 106 likely didn’t send fans into hysterics, Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez saved the day by throwing down in yet another classic. Everyone was expecting another entertaining fight in the rematch and the two provided just that (if you haven’t seen their first fight in 2011 you have some homework to do).

Of course, not too long ago, Alvarez and Bellator were engaged in a pretty nasty legal battle, over a contract offer the UFC extended the highly regarded fighter. In the end, Alvarez elected to comeback to Bellator, rather than spend months and months in court. After Alvarez’s win last night, which came via split decision, UFC President Dana White posted the following jab on Twitter.

Karma huh? Rebney has referred to Chandler as the best lightweight in the sport, and recently signed the dynamic fighter to a long term contract, but what does the Bellator CEO make of White’s comment? Here’s what Rebney had to say in response (comment via MMA

“You know what, I’ve kind of picked my spots where I thought it was necessary to respond,” said Rebney. “Some of his valuation comments were ridiculous given that his partner [FOX] paid us tens of millions of dollar for our rights in Latin America and some of the other things.”

“I don’t know what karma is,” Rebney said. “If karma is that we just put on the best mixed martial arts fight I’ve ever seen, that’s karma I’ll take big boatloads of.”

All the verbal jousting aside, it was a big night for Bellator and obviously Alvarez. A rubber match certainly sounds good no?

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