Now that Eddie Alvarez has reclaimed Bellator’s lightweight championship, and did so in another mind blowing bout with Michael Chandler, a rubber match between the two is on deck (and likely via pay-per-view). But what’s in store for Alvarez after that?

While Chandler-Alvarez II came about after the latter and Bellator ended their highly publicized legal battle, the terms of the agreement have never been disclosed. There’s been speculation, however, that the deal is a short term one, and that as a result, Alvarez could be headed back to free agency soon.

Well, while speaking to MMA recently, here’s what Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney had to say about the recent speculation, regarding the champ’s deal.

“There’s a lot of different options on Ed’s contract,” Rebney said. “Ed could be with us for a very long period of time or a shorter period of time. There’s a lot of different options. We haven’t gone into the specifics of what our actual settlement with Ed was, but the next fight with Ed is going to be Mike, and the next fight with Mike is going to be Ed, and then we’ll see what the outcome of that fight is. That will dictate what we’re going to do next.”

One would think that if Alvarez loses the third bout, then free agency would be more likely than if he remains champ, but it remains to be seen. Contracts aside, Alvarez-Chandler III will unquestionably be the biggest bout in Bellator’s history.

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