He literally got his skull caved in a few month ago by Michael Page’s knee, but Brazilian veteran scrapper Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos insisted he’d return to the cage. Thankfully, he’s walking back from that promise.

Instead, he’s retiring. And after a lengthy career such as his, it’s certainly well-deserved.

Here’s MMAFighting:

Two decades later, Evangelista Santos’ MMA career has come to an end.

The Brazilian striker, who competed for some of the biggest promotions in the world during his 50-fight career, told MMA Fighting on Monday that he won’t enter a cage anymore.

“Cyborg” last competed in July of 2016, when Michael Page landed a vicious flying knee that fractured the Santos’ skull at Bellator 158. After the surgery, the Brazilian said he was planning on coming back and fighting a few more times, but decided not to risk his health.

“I’m feeling really well, never felt anything (after the surgery), but I don’t think I will fight again,” Santos told MMA Fighting. “I don’t want to risk getting an aftereffect for the rest of my life and don’t be able to pass on my knowledge, and give work to my family.”