Zach Light used to fight. Then he retired and worked for Bellator behind the scenes. After a while, he was fired, and now he’s filed a lawsuit… and it’s kicking up a lot of dirt.

Keep in mind that everything alleged in the suit is just Light’s side of things, and the folks at Bellator have yet to rebutt the claims. That said, the allegations are pretty ugly.

As per BloodyElbow:

…Light claims he learned from a reliable source that Ryan Martinez’s blood and eye medicals submitted to Arizona officials for Bellator 126 “were admittedly forged.” At Bellator 131 in San Diego, Light claims he learned “a number of fighters on the card had submitted California state-required medicals by one Adam Rendon, who was not a licensed physician, in violation of Business and Professions Code, ยงยง 18711 and 17500.”

According to the complaint, Light’s reports of these medical issues were rebuffed by Coker and Bellator’s VP of Talent, Rich Chou.

Light further claims he was pressured by Coker to promote what are described as “collusive fights” related to MMA manager Anthony McGann, whom Light claims Coker referred to as a “fucking terrorist.”

According to the complaint, Coker instructed Light to use his friendship with Cheick Kongo to convince the fighter to fire McGann and “sign a bout agreement which was not consistent with his promotional agreement.” While the pay was allegedly much less than that stated in Kongo’s promotional agreement, Light claims Chou later agreed to pay Kongo additional sums for his next bout.

Light further alleges that a Bellator employee continued to transport fighters, managers, and commission officials in the company van even though his driver’s license was suspended from a DUI. After bringing the issue to Coker, Light claims he was told to “stop making waves” and “just do your job.”