New York legalized MMA yesterday, and since they spearheaded the lobbying efforts, the UFC has rightfully garnered much of the attention when it comes to reaction stories.

But Bellator, the number two MMA organization in the world, has got some fighters on their roster who call New York home, and they’d love to fight in the Big Apple. Light-heavyweight champ Liam McGeary is one such fighter.

“I’m ecstatic,” said McGeary when contacted by CagedInsider. “This means only good thing. It means I can put on a show on the East Coast, it meansĀ fans from New York can see me fight – it means my family can fly in from England and see me fight.”

Though his accent clearly paints him as a Brit, and he lived, trained and fought in New Jersey for a while, McGeary now lives in Brooklyn. Coincidentally, with the UFC setting in sights on Madison Square Garden, the word on the street is Bellator could be first at the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn.

That seems like it would be perfect for McGeary, whose had to trek down to Atlantic City, N.J. to get in the cage.

“I’d like to fight Phil Davis there,” he says.

Between New York City and Atlantic City, where does the undefeated fighter think the postfight drinks would be best?

“Oh, New York City,” he says. “I think they water their drinks down in Atlantic City.”