Since its first event back in 2009, Bellator has always been at best the number two MMA organization in the world. Which is fine. No one will ever usurp the UFC as top dog.

But a side effect of that status as second best has been the recurring question of how Bellator’s best fighters would do against the UFC’s best.

We’ve seen Bellator champs get signed by the UFC and lose their first time in the Octagon. And now, thanks to the UFC’s great roster purge, we shall see some of the UFC’s cream of the crop take on Bellator stars in the Bellator cage.

Yeah, I’m talking about Lorenz Larkin, who gets a crack at Bellator champ Douglas Lima at Bellator’s Madison Square Garden event. Which, incidentally, Lima is pretty thrilled about.

As per MMAFighting:

“I’m happy to be fighting him. I’m glad Bellator booked this fight, especially on the New York card. I’m happy with this match-up.”

In fact, Lima has no idea why the UFC is letting talented fighters like Larkin go away in the first place.

“I don’t understand why they let guys like Lorenz and (Ryan) Bader go,” Lima said. “Go figure. But that’s better for us. A new challenge. Many people say UFC fighters are better, and this is a chance to prove we can compete with anyone.”