During Bellator’s press conference to announce Randy Couture’s signing, the fight promotion detailed the plans for their reality program. The show will be called “Fight Master”, and three other MMA figures were announced as coaches along with Couture. The season’s set to film relatively soon, will consist of 32 welterweights, and the field will be whittled down to 16 before entering what Bellator called “the compound”. The winner will get a slot in the fall’s welterweight tournament, which will allow the winner a chance at a $100,000 check and a shot at whoever has the belt.

The other three coaches will be former UFC and Strikeforce champion Frank Shamrock, who seems to be free of his Strikeforce obligations after the demise of the promotion he helped build. Former Bellator featherweight champion Joe Warren is slated to be another coach, and of course the aforementioned Couture is going to head another team. The last participant comes as a bit of a shock since he has a whole stable of fighters to coach, but Greg Jackson is also going to be on the reality program.

While the MMA reality show has been done for a long time with the Ultimate Fighter, there are some slight tweaks that Bellator is implementing. Obviously, winning the show will mean a lot more with the winner entering a tournament. The 16 fighters that make it into the house will also be able to choose their own coaches, and who they get to fight in the elimination rounds. It remains to be seen how that will affect the way the show runs, but it may spark enough interest to pull in viewers. The dynamic between the coaches should be different as well since they will not be fighting each other at the end of the program, and instead are there solely to help the crop of fighters on the show.