Bellator 98 coming at you tonight live from Uncasville Connecticut. The middleweight strap is on the line in the main event. Just refresh your browser every few minutes for live results.

Patricky “Pitbull” vs Derek Anderson

Round 1:

Round 2: Pitbull opens aggressively with hooks, but nothing lands. Anderson is actually coming into his own here with his footwork and straight punches. He isn’t hurting Pitbull, be he is starting to land combos consistently. More straight punches from Anderson, and now he is mixing in some body kicks. Pitbull wings some wild hooks every once in a while, but nothing is landing. About halfway through the round suddenly Pitbull looks dead tired. He is literally staggering from exhaustion. Weird. Anderson is chasing him around, and Pitbull is now throwing no strikes whatsoever, and circling like mad. Pitbull occasionally even turning his back to run. This is bizarre. Anderson lets him off the hook for the last 2 minutes of the fight. 10-9 Anderson

Round 3: Pitbull looks recovered, he opens with hooks. Now he is back to circling. He triples up on the jab. Anderson throwing straight punches and using his range. Pitbull is just stuck against the fence constantly with footwork. He looks uncomfortable. More straight punches from Anderson, and Pitbull keeps shaking his head no every time something lands. Pitbull’s coach calls for a takedown, and Anderson just denies it easily. Anderson still pressuring Pitbull against the cage with kicks and long punches. Pitbull has a bloody mouth. Anderson following him.  Pitbull goes for a takedown at the tail end of the round, but it isn’t there. 10-9 Cooper

Derek Anderson def Patricky Pitbull via unanimous decision

Justin Torrey vs Brennan Ward

Round 1: No touch of gloves. Ward throws some hooks, and Torrey looks for the takedown. They stall against the fence, and then Ward uses a huge throw from the headlock position to slam Torrey done to the mat. The crowd goes “ooh, aah” and Ward throws some strikes. Torrey looks okay under there. Ward dives for a heel hook which is very risky, Torrey winds up on top.  Torrey doesn’t offer much from the top, but he finally passes guard to side control. Torrey gets to mount and he explodes into a barrage of punches until the end of the round. 10-9 Torrey

Round 2: Wow, they show Torrey’s eye and it is swollen SO badly. He cannot see out of it, but the doctor lets him continue. The ref warns him to protect the eye. The round starts and Ward punches him right in the eye. Torrey clinches up, but Ward gets a takedown. Ward targets the eye and busts open the mouse. Torrey scrambles back to his feet, and Torrey looks like he got hit with a sledgehammer. Ward again hits him in the eye and takes him down. Ward attacks the eye with hammerfists, and the ref has to jump in and stop it. Torrey is an absolute mess.

Justin Torrey def. Brennan Ward via TKO (hammerfists) at 3:28 of round 2

Jeremy Kimball vs Perry Filkins

Round 1: Kimball looks very soft around the midsection. He opens with many kicks from all angles. Lead leg head kicks, inside/outside leg kick combos. Filkins constantly moving forward, but he isn’t landing anything. Kimball picking him apart, he looks very mobile. Kimball dodging most of Filkins’ strikes with footwork alone. Kimball unexpectedly shoots a power double and briefly takes Filkins down to all fours, but the stand. A few more kicks and another power double. They transition to the feet again. Kimball’s high output style looks like it will be difficult to keep this pace for three rounds. Filkins is frustrated with Kimball’s footwork and yells something profane that sounded like “fight me, bitch!” Kimball unfazed. A headkick from Kimball busts FIlkin’s eyebrow open right near the end of the round. Filkins closes in with punches, but he can’t really do anything. 10-9 Kimball

Round 2: Kimball using footwork, and Filkins yelling again. Kimball clinches him against the cage. Filkins grabs the cage repeatedly. Filkins gets a takedown somehow, but he does very little from on top. A few punches, shoulder strikes. Kimball reverses and pins Filkins against the cage. Kimball looks for a guillotine, so Filkins slams him. Kimball scrambles to his feet only to be taken down again. Filkins on top, not much action. Filkins attempts this crazy spinning strike while diving into Filkins guard. Filkins takes back mount and pounds on Kimball until the bell with big strikes. 10-9 Filkins

Round 3: Kimball back to using footwork. Filkins making mean faces at Kimball while Kimball kicks his legs. Filkins attempts a few ugly hooks, but Kimball is out of the way.Kimball back to using leg kicks and head kicks. Filkins tags Kimball and then chases him around. Kimball attempts a takedown, but it backfires and Filkins decides to reverse. Filkins on top and inactive again. He passes to half guard. Kimball keeps trying to escape but he is making it worse. Filkins takes his back. Filkins turns it into mount. Filkins stays all over him regains back mount, and he taps Kimball with a face lock. Wow, that has to be embarrassing.

They incorrectly declare it a rear naked choke in the final announcement. The forearm was clearly across the mouth and nose, and not even close to being under the chin. Also Filkins pinches his nipples and walks around screaming to celebrate his victory.

Perry Filkins def. Jeremy Kimball via submission (face lock) at 3:28 of round 3

Jason Butcher vs Giva Santana

Round 1: Butcher comes running after Santana but then throws no strikes. Santana throws a few big punches that miss and then gets a takedown easily. He passes the guard almost equally as easily, and he passes briefly to north/south. Santana looks for the kimura but Butcher escapes. Good control from Santana on top. Santana in side control trying to set up an armbar, but Butcher keeps rocking his hips out. Very defensive ground exchanges. Santana gets full mount when Butcher tries to escape. Santana goes for an arm triangle, and it looks really tight. Santana muscling it, and Butcher appears to be okay. Santana lets it go and Butcher gets the top position. 10-9 Santana

Round 2: Butcher yet again sprints across the cage and then does not throw any strikes. Santana lands an uppercut and then a takedown. Butcher takes top position and then escapes to his feet. Butcher press in with stiff hooks, and one clips Santana. Santana  stumbles. Butcher closes in on him and slams him with a right hand, and Santana rolls onto the ground and covers up. A few more punches and the ref stops it.

After the fight, Giva discusses his love for Jiu Jitsu, and retires from mma to focus on his family and his martial arts school. Everyone claps including Butcher, a classy retirement all around.

Jason Butcher def. Giva Santana via TKO (punches) at 1:12 of round 2

Mikkel Parlo vs Brian Rogers

Round 1: Brian Rogers is quick, man.  He comes flying into a leg kick that almost knocks Parlo down. Rogers flies in for a takedown but misses and hits the cage. Parlo lands a right hand that appears to drop Rogers, but he pops back up and they clinch. They both take a breather and on the break Rogers lands a huge body kick. Rogers lands a left hook. They are winging crazy hooks! Parlo lands one that Rogers doesn’t like and he backs off momentarily. Parlo circling. Rogers diving in with punches, and he is already slowing down. Parlo methodically circling. Rogers counters a Parlo combo with a nice right hand. Parlo clinches. Parlo lands a knee to the face of Rogers right before the bell. 10-9 Parlo

Round 2: This time it is Rogers circling. Parlo clinches and lands a knee that rocks Rogers, but not badly. Another knee hurts Rogers and he fails miserably on a throw attempt and winds up on bottom. Parlo on top in half guard.Parlo gets to the mount, and Rogers regains half guard. Parlo chipping away with punches. Parlo controls Rogers against the cage for the rest of the round. 10-9 Parlo

Round 3: A quick takedown from Parlo and he starts right back up where he left off. Parlo controls him and punches him. Roger is never in any real danger, but he can’t escape. More punches. Rogers escapes briefly, and Parlo knees him and tosses him back down again. More punches from on top, this time he means it. He pounds on Rogers with big punches and Rogers is hurt. Parlo knees the body viciously, and then goes back to punches. Rogers somehow escapes to standing, and Parlo lands a huge knee from the clinch that floors Rogers. He is flat on his back and badly dazed, and Parlo lands a few more punches before the bell saves Rogers. Rogers is all but out, he just lays there dazed after the fight is over. He can’t get up. 10-8 Parlo

Mikkel Parlo de. Brian Rogers via unanimous decision

Alexander Shlemenko (c) vs Brett Cooper

Round 1: Cooper opens with a high kick that is blocked. Shlemenko showing his powerful striking right away. He is throwing punches from all angles, and Cooper is covering up and backing up. Cooper lands a nice right uppercut/right hook combo. Nice combos from Shlemenko bouncing off of Cooper’s head. Cooper takes them well, and shoots for a takedown. Shlemenko defends well, and they go back to striking. Shlemenko presses in against Cooper, and Cooper throws a hell of a combo with his back against the fence, and a left hook scrambles Shlemenko. Shlemenko is in trouble, and he backs away quickly. Cooper doesn’t close in how he should, and so Shlemenko has plenty of time to recover. Tough round to call. 9-9 round

Round 2: Some crazy exchanges to begin this round. The are both circling yet staying in tight to one another and throwing tons of hooks. Shlemenko keeps looking for his spinning backfist, but it is yet to land. In fact Cooper sees it coming once and lands a cross on the way in. Shlemenko is cut now on his eye, and Cooper hits a takedown. Cooper relents, and they go right back to exchangeing. Cooper ducking under Shlemenko’s punches and attempting to counter with his overhand right. Shlemenko lands a nice right, and then Cooper lands a nice left. Shlemenko has attempted at least 15 spinning backfists by now, none of them even close. Shlemenko clips Cooper with a right hand, and Cooper backs up into the fence. Cooper finally lands that counter overhand and Shlemenko faceplants. Cooper is too tired to finish, and Shlemenko manages to stand but he is very wobbly. Cooper chases him around, but he can’t land anything to finish the job. Instead Cooper picks up Shlemenko and lands a huge slam right before the end of the round. 10-9 Cooper

Round 3: They go back to exchanging hooks again, and they both have their moments. Shlemenko lands a combo and then immediately so does Cooper. This is a great fight. Cooper looking a lot more aggressive this round, he is actually getting off first and looking for uppercuts. Cooper attempts a takedown, but he can’t get it. Shlemenko looks like he is getting tired, but Cooper still looks fresh. Cooper lands a brief takedown but Shlemenko is able to right himself. Shlemenko lands a big right hand against the fence, but Cooper eats it like nothing. 10-9 Shlemenko

Round 4: Shlemenko starts out very aggressively now, and pushes forward with huge power combinations. A lead right hook floors Cooper against the fence, and Shlemenko is all over him. Shlemenko pounding away, and Dan Miragliotta looks like he is close to stopping, but Cooper grabs a leg and works his way to his feet. Shlemenko walking him down now and throwing big punches. Shlemenko pressuring and yet again corners Cooper, this time landing a big knee to the body. Cooper lands a nice combo, but Shlemenko raises his hands in the air to show appeal. Shlemenko lands a nice left hook and pressures him against the fence again. Yet another exchange of wild hooks, and Cooper shoots in for a double but can’t get it. So much action in this fight, amazing. 10-9 Shlemenko

Round 5: Cooper needs a KO here in my opinion, he can’t win the belt via a draw. They touch gloves to start the final round, and both fighters look refreshed. Shlemenko throwing even more spinning backfists that miss, and they grunt as they exchange hooks again. Cooper presses in for a takedown from the clinch, and it isn’t there. Cooper looks for a double, but can’t get it.  Shlemenko lands a nice combo. Shlemenko FINALLY lands his very first spinning backfist 22 minutes into the fight. Shlemenko presses in and gets a takedown. Cooper escapes, and they wings hooks some more. Shlemenko winning most of the exchanges this round. Shlemenko presses in and lands a nice body lock takedown. Cooper is up, and he is pressing forward still.  Cooper looks tired, and he gives up and takedown rather easily. Shlemenko nails him with a right hand, and Cooper tries to escape but he can’t Shlemenko hammers away until the final bell. 10-9 Shlemenko

After the final bell, they both sit next to one another and touch gloves, and Dan Miragliotta steps in and pats them both on the back and says “That was a fucking amazing fight guys, amazing fight.” I agree with him, there wasn’t a single period of inactivity for 25 minutes.

Alexander Shlemenko def. Brett Cooper via unanimous decision