For those of you that tuned in you were in for some exciting fights, surprising winners, and the crowning of a champion. As with most Bellator events this set up many future story lines for more upcoming fights.

Marcos Galvao (11-5-1) defeats Ed West (17-7-0) by unanimous decision

Marcos Galvao said he wanted to finish this fight and not leave it in the judges hand after two controversial decision losses. He tried to do everything in his power to finish it, but he could not. In the first round, he dropped his opponent Ed West countering a kick, but he was unable to finish with punches on the ground.

The story of the fight was Ed West being unable to defend the takedowns of Marcos. In every round Marcos would take the fight down, soften West up with punches, and the West would work his way back to his feet. West threatened with a few guillotines and worked for submissions off the bottom, but he was unable to really threaten Marcos with any of it. It was an exciting fast paced fight, but it was clear Marcos was the superior fighter.

Luis Nogueira (13-2-0) defeats Alexis Vila (11-2-0) by unanimous decision

This fight was pretty close, and while the action was constant it was not the most exciting. The fight took place mostly on the feet with the occasional takedown from each fighter. Alexis Vila thought he won the fight, but it was evident by the third round that Luis was the winner. Alexis tired in the last round, and Luis stayed constant securing himself the win. Luis now joins Marcos Galvao in the Bantamweight tournament semifinals.

Daniel Straus (19-4-0) defeats Mike Corey (12-3-1)  by unanimous decision

Daniel fought his heart out while it was also broken. Daniel having lost a teammate in the last few weeks put on an exciting show for the audience. From the ring of the bell in round one he unleashed his hands onto Mike Corey. Corey’s face showed it as well being broken and busted by the end of the fight. Straus moves on to face Marlon Sandro and while some may question his gas tank after slowing in the third round you have to remember he took this fight under extreme circumstances as evident by his post-fight speech.

Eduardo Dantas (14-2-0) defeats Zach Makovsky (14-3-0) by submission at 3:26 of round 2

Zach had stated before the fights that he may have not been a great at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or at wrestling, but he was proficient at both. Now, he knows what happens when you fight someone who is amazing at a discipline. You get submitted.

Eduardo Dantas trains out of the Nova Uniao camp with Jose Aldo. It is hard seeing anyone in the current Bantamweight tournament beating this fighter. While it looked like Zach was in control of the first round, but he wasn’t really. Eduardo threatened with submission the whole time and it only looked like a matter of time until he caught the now former champion. Well, that proved to be the case when he locked in the fight ending arm-triangle in the second round.