If the sport has any kind of royalty, it’s the Gracie Clan. Because, you know, there’s the whole “introducing jiu-jitsu to the world” thing.

There aren’t many Gracies competing today though, what with all of their “tricks” pretty much part of the standard MMA curriculum. But hey, here’s Neiman Gracie for ya, ready to step into the Bellator cage for the sixth time and beat another absolute “no name” fighter.

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This time around it’s Javier Torres, whose name recognition is such that even his own mom is probably like “Who are you?” when Torres walks into the room.

The first round begins with Gracie lumbering forward and Torres actually nailing a few times with punches. Maybe this is due in part to some skill on Torres’ part, but it also has to do with Gracie thinking he can strike. He rectifies that by tying Torres up and working him down to the canvas. Torres manages to get back up, but soon Gracie has him down again, and for the waning seconds of the round Gracie is trying to find a heelhook that never fully materializes.

Any of Gracie’s notions of being are striker are wisely put on the backburner in Round 2, as he wastes no time getting Torres down, passing guard, sliding into mount, and methodically slipping on the head/arm choke. Torres fights it – much the way someone who has never grappled would fight it (i.e., gritting his teeth, thinking positive thoughts, praying) – but eventually the tap comes.


Results: Neiman Gracie def. Javier Torres via Submission (Head/Arm Choke) at 3:18, R2