Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it’s good to revisit the sport’s roots. Like, remember when the name ‘Gracie’ meant grappling prowess? Bellator does, so last night’s event had Neiman Gracie (who?) turning the co-main event into a jiu-jitsu clinic.

Opponent Zak Bucia was game, and knew that going to the ground was a risky prospect, so he tried to keep the fight standing. It didn’t work, and for the vast majority of the first round he was fending off chokes, an omoplata and a heelhook.

Round 2 wasn’t much better for him, and once Gracie had his back, it was only a matter of time – although the end came not by choke, but by neck crank.


Results: Neiman Gracie def. Zak Bucia via Submission (Neck Crank) at 2:27, R2