Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 185 came to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut last night, and with it came red-hot female prospect Heather Hardy, whose boxing pedigree had her pegged as a crossover star in the making since she was first announced as a Bellator fighter.

Too bad she hasn’t yet learned how to deal with kicks.

Taking on Kristina Williams, Hardy’s hype was such that it was expected she’d dominate any striking exchange. But MMA isn’t boxing, and though Hardy was keen on staying in the pocket and throwing hands, Williams was more than willing to feed her elbows whenever she came too close, and bang her up with kicks whenever she was at distance. The strategy worked for Williams, who, by the end of Round 1, had bloodied Hardy pretty good.

The coupe de grace came in Round 2 though, with Hardy leaning into a kick to the grill that utterly crushed her nose and left her bleeding mess. Soon after, the doctor called the bout off.

Scratch one prospect off the Bellator list.


Results: Kristina Williams def. Heather Hardy via TKO (Doc stoppage due to broken nose) at 2:00, R2