Eduardo Dantas has been a killer of a bantamweight champ, utilizing deadly striking skills to keep just about every challenger at bay. Too bad Darrion Caldwell – one of Bellator’s superstar wrestlers – wasn’t just like ‘every challenger’.

In the main event of Bellator 184, Dantas and Caldwell wasted no time establishing which side of their bread of their bread was buttered, with Dantas trying to chip away at his opponent’s soul with a kick, and Caldwell snatching him up and slamming him with a suplex. Much of the rest of the round is spent with Caldwell in wrestler’s back-control and the Brazilian trying to peel him off.

Dantas is able to avoid going horizontal in the second, but it’s still very difficult for him to escape Caldwell’s clutches, and that focus on getting away allows the American to nail him with kicks, punches and a particularly hard elbow.

The champ manages to out-scramble the wrestler and assume top position in Round 3, and when Caldwell gets the takedown in the fourth, Dantas takes his back and threatens with a choke. Caldwell wriggles free and into top position, where he bloodies his foe with some quick ground and pound.

The fifth round has Caldwell willing to strike, and when he scores, the return fire from Dantas results in missed takedowns and the Brazilian in top position. When the bout ends, Dantas is on Caldwell’s back – is it enough to sway the judges?


Results: Darrion Caldwell def. Eduardo Dantas via Unanimous Decision