Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to gauge where we are in Pat Curran’s career. In his last six fights, stretching back to 2013, he’s won three and lost three. But in those fights, he’s lost to the best, beaten some tough, tough dudes, and maintained that same razor-sharp edge that enabled him to earn Bellator more than once in the past.

At tomorrow’s Bellator 184, Curran returns to take on John Teixeira on the main card. It should be a decent scrap, and it’s one Curran can win – with a win likely putting him in featherweight title contention once more. The only question is where on his career trajectory Curran is currently residing – is Father Time beginning to take his toll, or does Curran have more days as an elite Bellator fighter ahead of him?

Ponder this while you watch this vid Bellator put together on his behalf.