Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 184 approaches, and with it comes a main event featuring bantamweight champ Eduardo Dantas against challenger Darrion Caldwell.

Dantas is the best. He’s long been the best, and unless your name is Joe Warren – and you’ve honed your high-level wrestling to a very particular kind of stifling, anti-striking game – you ain’t beating the Brazilian.

Caldwell is, coincidentally, a very high-level wrestler. But his Bellator record is marred with a submission loss to Joe Taimanglo, who was an opponent Caldwell should have defeated (and later on in a rematch, Caldwell did). In other words, Caldwell doesn’t have Warren’s savvy, at least not yet.

Dantas is going to smoke him.

Here’s a little preview vid to digest while you ponder this match-up.