It’s co-main event time, which means we have Fedor Emelianenko versus Matt Mitrione.

Fedor was long considered the greatest heavyweight the sport has ever seen, but Father Time has taken a toll, so now there’s only heartbreak ahead. Mitrione was a TUF vet who did okay in the UFC, but he’s bigger than the Russian, so prepare to be sad.

The legend takes the center of the cage and Mitrione stays mobile on the outside, both men measuring distance and waiting for the right time to strike. And amazingly, they both throw right hands at the same time and knock each other down at the same time – HOLY CRAP. However, Mitrione regains his senses first, and gets up, gets on top, and puts Fedor to sleep completely with more punches.

Folks, that was almost a double KO.


Results: Matt Mitrione def. Fedor Emelianenko via KO (Punches) at 1:14