James Gallagher is a Conor McGregor protege with strong submission skills and all the cockiness we’ve come to love from the Irish (we’ve come to love it, right? Right?). Chinzo Machida is Lyoto’s brother, so his karate is as strong as his urine-drinking game. How’s this one going to play out?

The bout opens with Gallagher staying mobile while Machida squints and contemplates which kata would be most effective. That translates into Gallagher shooting and getting stuffed, but shooting again and getting the takedown. From there Gallagher goes from one controlling position to another, until he’s affixed to Machida’s back and sinking the choke. And… there’s the tap.

Easy work for the Irishman.


Results: James Gallagher def. Chinzo Machida via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:22, R1