The Bellator NYC pay-per-view main event is upon us, which means Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will finally get to have closure on the feud they had in the UFC (which went nowhere because of drugs).

It goes without saying that these guys were great once, and now they’re old.

Sonnen does what you’d expect at the beginning of Round 1 – shooting for a takedown right out of the gate. He’s successful, and for the first couple of minutes, he’s raining down punches and elbows while the Brazilian utilizes his nearly-ineffective guard. Silva manages to get up, and when the American changes levels Silva feeds him a knee that puts him on his butt. Sonnen recovers and scores another takedown, and they spend the rest of the round the same way they began it.

Round 2 has Sonnen chase Silva for another takedown, and when he gets it Silva locks on a guillotine and simply squeezes. And squeezes. And squeezes. Sonnen isn’t even in danger anymore, but still Silva is squeezing, so eventually referee John McCarthy stands them up. Sonnen gets another takedown and Silva hangs on until the bell.

The third round is the same as the previous two in that Sonnen is Mr. Takedown and Silva is Mr. My Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Is Really Just An Honorary Thing And I Have No Guard Game. Again, they do this dance until the bell.


Results: Chael Sonnen def. Wanderlei Silva via Unanimous Decision