If life were kind, we’d see fighters at the top of their game fight while they’re at their peak, and retire once their abilities began to degrade. But life isn’t fair, so at Bellator NYC on Friday (the pay-per-view portion of the night; Bellator 180 is the “undercard” that will be on SpikeTV), we’re going to see the legendary Fedor Emelianenko hobble to the cage and try to muster whatever fierce Russian magics remain in his old body. His opponent is Matt Matrione, who we’ve seen on TUF and in the UFC, is no spring chicken himself, but when it comes to mileage, he’s got a leg up on Fedor.

So what does that mean? It might mean that we’re going to have our hearts broken once again with another Fedor loss, but who knows.

What the Mitrione fight below and draw your own conclusions.