Russian heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov probably doesn’t know how much we love him, but the dude made his bones in the old PRIDE FCs and Strikeforces, and he was the “go to” guy whenever you wanted to see someone tough as hell and dangerous as hell with his strikes. But Kharitonov’s Bellator debut ended with him getting knocked out in 16 seconds, so tonight it’s all about redemption and testing to see if our hearts can take another viewing of the beloved Russian asleep on the canvas. Thankfully, his opponent is Chase Gormley, who is no world-beater.

They come out jabbing like madmen in the opening round, with Kharitonov stalking and Gormley walking backwards. However, Gormley ain’t so scared that he ain’t willin’ to fight, as evidenced by the constant kicks to the body he lands and the brief moments he has his foe wobbly from the accumulation of fists. But ol’ Sergei didn’t let us down, because eventually he saw an opening and planted an uppercut square on Gormley’s chin that sent the man’s body flying one direction and his soul flying in another.


Results: Sergei Kharitonov def. Chase Gormley via KO (Punches) at 3:55, R1