Israeli fighter Noad Lahat seemed to have a weakness for explosive strikers during his tenure in the UFC, but thus far his Bellator run has kept him conscious. His opponent tonight, Lloyd Carter, isn’t much of a high-level threat anywhere, so it’s safe to assume Lahat might be able to do what he does best – grapple.

Round 1 sees a taller, rangier Lahat trying to work his reach advantage with combinations, but at the end of every one of them he drops his hands. Carter sees this, and times a jab that puts the Israeli on his butt. Lahat gets back up, and realizing that he’s gonna get creamed if he permits Carter to strike, goes for the takedown. From there, Lahat is large and in charge, passing half-guard to side-control, cinching on an arm-triangle choke, and, by round’s end, simply taking mount and dropping fists and elbows.

If Carter didn’t know before to stay off the ground, he definitely knows now, and he makes the most of his time upright in the second round chipping away at his foe with kicks and that accurate jab. But Lahat won’t be denied, and after taking Carter down, the UFC vet returns to his bread and butter. Carter nearly escapes back to his feet, yet the ensuing sequence has Lahat taking his back, slipping on the choke, and putting him to sleep.


Results: Noad Lahat def. Lloyd Carter via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:50, R2